Our specialized fields offer superior diagnostic and treatment options

Dogwood Veterinary Specialty and Emergency is at the forefront of veterinary medicine. We’re not just a 24/7 clinic; we’re also a hub for specialized services in areas like internal medicine, critical care, surgery, oncology, and more. Our passionate team of veterinarians is deeply committed to advancing pet healthcare and ensuring your furry friends receive the best possible care.


At Dogwood Veterinary Specialty and Emergency, we understand that a cancer diagnosis for your pet can be a challenging and emotional experience. That’s why our dedicated team of veterinary oncologist is here to guide you through every step of the journey with compassion and expertise.

Surgery and Anesthesia

Our Surgery and Anesthesia department stands as a beacon of specialized expertise, providing comprehensive care in both orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries.

Internal Medicine

We understand that pets, like humans, can face complex internal health challenges. Our dedicated team of internal medicine specialists is here to unravel the mysteries of your pet’s health, providing advanced diagnostics and comprehensive care.

Critical Care

Our dedicated team of critical care specialists is committed to providing unparalleled, round-the-clock care for pets facing life-threatening conditions.

Emergency Services

Rest assured that when emergencies arise, our dedicated and highly trained staff, supported by cutting-edge resources, stands ready to provide immediate and compassionate care, 24/7 every day of the year.