We offer the best diagnostics and treatment options for our patients

Dogwood Veterinary Specialty and Emergency will bring the forefront in veterinary medicine to Atlanta and its surrounding areas. When we open our doors in August 2022, we will be a state of the art critical care and emergency clinic. We will be open 24 hours, 7 days a week to care for your pet. In addition, we will offer specialized care in internal medicine, critical care, anesthesia, pain management, palliative medicine, oncology, surgery, acupuncture, and alternative medicine.

Veterinarians have access to a lot more diagnostics and treatment options and we are able to treat a greater plethora of diseases.  Quality of life has improved and pets are living longer lives. As a result specialized veterinary clinics have become critical in providing the best medical care for our pets.

We are committed to the community we serve, and we are proud to be veterinarians with a passion to improve veterinary medicine and patient care. We hope to be able to share our love for veterinary medicine when caring for your pets.



The staff at Dogwood Veterinary Specialty is always available for emergency cases. We are on premises 24 hours, 7 days a week. Our doctors have years of experience in emergency veterinary medicine. We will be ready whenever you need us with a quick response, streamlined diagnostics and treatments. Dogwood Emergency has two complete surgical suites, endoscope, in house laboratory, tomography, radiographs and ultrasound.  We can treat everything from minor illness, to complex trauma patients.

No appointment is necessary for emergency visits.

Our ER doctors dedicated their professional life to emergency service. When you come to Dogwood you can rest assured your pet will be treated by experienced professionals. Our emergency doctors are backed up and supported by board certified critical care doctors.

Our Emergency Services

  • 24 hours hospitalization with an onsite doctor at all times
  • Blood transfusion (plasma platelet and red blood cells)
  • Echocardiogram and cardiac monitoring
  • In house laboratory
  • Digital radiographs
  • CT (Computer tomography)
  • Ultrasound
  • Endoscopy
  • Oxygen therapy including oxygen cage and nasal oxygen
  • Long term ventilator support
  • Hemodynamic monitoring (bedside ECG telemetry bedside blood pressure and pulseox)
  • Advanced pain control
  • Antivenom and antitoxin therapy

Urgent Care

Our urgent care service is fully equipped to care for your pet in cases of minor illness. If your regular veterinarian is unable to see your pet, Dogwood can help treat minor concerns until you are able to make an appointment with your regular veterinarian. Urgent care cases do not need to make appointments, but you can call us and let us know you are coming.

If your pet is having difficulty breathing, he/she is unable to stand, or is in significant pain, these are signs of a possible emergency. Please, come in immediately through our emergency service.

Internal Medicine

The internal medicine service is committed to providing excellent veterinary patient care and client service. We provide the expertise of board certified veterinary internal medicine. Dogwood specializes in patients with multiple diseases, autoimmune, and chronic or difficult to diagnose disease, as well as cancer. Working closely with your primary care veterinarian we will develop a treatment plan that best fits your pet’s needs.


Dogwood Veterinary Specialty offers orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries. Our goal at Dogwood is to make surgery safe, comfortable and seamless from the beginning until your pet is fully recovered. Our surgical rooms are equipped for orthopedic and soft tissue procedures. We have the latest in patient monitoring, pain management, hospitalization, critical care, and a highly trained staff to care for your pet.


We are excited to provide high-quality anesthesia support to our patients. Dogwood is one of a few private clinics with a board certified anesthesiologist on staff. Our anesthesiologist team is highly trained to provide anesthesia, monitoring, and pain management for any pet needs, from routine anesthesia to critical patients.

The anesthesia team will choose the best anesthetic protocol for each patient individually, according to their particularities and the procedure to be performed. Our anesthesia team works in harmony with the ICU to ensure that all hospitalized patients are given the appropriate medications to manage pain and discomfort.

Dogwood Veterinary Specialty and Emergency has monitors with capnography modules, pulse oximetry, electrocardiogram, invasive and oscillometric blood pressure monitoring, mechanical ventilator, inhalation anesthesia machine, infusion pumps, and an US for performing regional blocks when indicated.

Critical Care

A critical care service (also known as ICU) is a specialized unit within the hospital that is outfitted with life supporting technology and equipment. The Dogwood ICU unit is staffed with veterinarians  board certified in critical care and highly skilled nurses trained in the care of critical conditions.

Advanced monitoring and equipment includes:

  • Oxygen cage
  • Long term ventilator unit
  • Continuous ECG and pulse oximeter telemetry
  • Invasive blood pressure monitor
  • Bedside ultrasound
  • Inotrope and vasopressor support
  • Nutritional support
  • Analgesic support
  • Red blood cell or blood products transfusion

The critical care staff works in collaboration with the emergency and internal medicine departments to ensure that all patients receive the best long term treatment while at the hospital.

Palliative Pain Management

Dogwood is committed to providing medical care for all stages of life. If your pet has a chronic condition, and might benefit from palliative pain management to ensure quality of life, Dogwood can help.

Our staff will provide consultation on advanced pain management strategies and provide options as oral/injectable medications, physical therapy, alternative medicine, and/or local blocks.


Acupuncture therapy is offered at Dogwood Veterinary Specialty for the management of orthopedic and neurological disease. Acupuncture can be a useful tool in the management of some diseases, when other forms of treatment are not an option. The most common diseases that can benefit from acupuncture therapy are musculoskeletal, and neurological. It might also be used in conjunction with other therapies in the treatment of certain cancers.

Dogwood offers acupuncture, massage and herbal therapy consultation and therapy. You can make an appointment by calling or requesting an online appointment.

Oncology and
Surgical Oncology

Dogwood Veterinary Specialty and Emergency is excited to offer specialized oncology care and surgery. Veterinary medicine has advanced significantly in the treatment of cancer. Our surgical oncologist specializes in offering the most effective treatment to your pet as medical and chemotherapy, recommending radiation therapy and surgical intervention. If your pet has been diagnosed with any type of cancer, and your regular veterinarian recommends further care, Dogwood is the place to come for consultation and treatment.